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About Horizons

Association for Innovation and Technology Transfer Horyzonty is a non-profit organization from Rzeszow. We have been operating since 2001. We are guided by the idea and mission of involvement in the development and promotion of innovation in southeastern Poland. The association brings together people interested in the development of new technologies.  

Over the decades of the association's existence, we have implemented a number of projects We obtained funding for them from, among others:

   International Visegrad Fund,
   Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Poland Development Cooperation,
   Ministry of Science and Higher Education (now Ministry of Education and Science),
   Fund for Non-Governmental Organizations under the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program.
   Interreg Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine

During our more than 20 years of activity, we have carried out a number of activities related to, among others, support for democracy, biodiversity, energy efficiency and promotion of entrepreneurship, as well as the topics of astronomy and artificial light pollution.

A very important part of our daily activities is our ongoing cooperation with schools in the Podkarpackie region in the field of education. We conduct educational workshops and show how to change our environment with innovative solutions. We also show how modern solutions affect the environment. We organize competitions for the youngest, which are designed to combine educational values with creative activity.   

We also conduct publishing activities. As part of our projects, we issue scientific publications on related topics. They are available in print or electronic versions (in PDF format).  

Renewable energy sources are an important part of our activities. In 2014, we built a photovoltaic power plant in Cieszanów near Lubaczów. It is located on a plot of 4.5 hectares.

As part of the activities carried out by the association, we conduct consultations of innovative projects, trainings and implement national and international projects. We invite all willing people to cooperate with us! Do you have an idea for a project in line with our activities? Get in touch with us!

Those willing to support our activities and join the association are welcome to contact us.

The Management Board is elected by the General Meeting of Members.

The Management  Board is responsible for the governance and strategy of HORIZONS Association.

Board members::
Kazimierz Tuszyński - President of the Association,
Joanna Majewska - Member of the Management Board for Renewable Energy Sources

Area of activity-  Statutory Goals:

Statute of the Association for Innovation and Technology Transfer Horyzonty
( selected issues)

§ 5 of the Statute
(1) The purpose of the Association is to work for the promotion and implementation of innovation for the development of the Podkarpackie Region in the scientific and socio-economic environment.
(2) The objective set forth in Section 1 will be implemented by the Association in particular through:

   a. Creating conditions for the promotion and implementation of innovative solutions in the economic activities of public services, in particular, the acquisition of modern technologies,
   b. Integration of the region's economy with the economies of other countries,
   c. Effective use of foreign funds available under aid programs in accordance with the needs and specifics of the province,
   d. Creation of credit guarantee systems in the region with an institutional form of guarantees using local and external funds, including foreign funds,
   e. Creating conditions for the use of EU aid funds for innovation and technology transfer,
   f. Creating systems for financing innovative ventures and building high-risk financial institutions,
   g. Promoting new ecological systems and cooperation in solving environmental problems, including in supporting modern ecological investments,
   h. Managing entrepreneurship centers, in particular Business Incubators, Technology Transfer Centers, Technology Parks and Science Parks,
   i. Improving the skills and enriching the knowledge of entrepreneurs and public services,
   j. Conducting training and consulting activities especially in the field of innovation and technology,
   k. Creating model solutions to support innovative entrepreneurship and especially in the circles of entrepreneurs, scientists, students and local government employees.

(3) The Association will pursue all other objectives related to economic development allowed by the provisions of applicable law.

§ 6 of the Articles of Association
1. the Association will conduct the following forms of activities:
a. Cooperation with local and municipal government institutions, scientific institutions, student organizations, entrepreneurs, associations and other institutions,
b. Providing consulting and training services to business and local government entities in the field of introduction and implementation of innovations and technologies,
c. Publishing activities,
d. Creating publicly available technical and technological information systems,
e. Activities for the creation of new forms and institutions of financial support for innovative ventures of the following types: start-up fund, seed fund, high-risk capital,
f. Stimulation of interregional and international cooperation in technology transfer and formation of cooperation networks,
g. Participation in the implementation of aid programs co-financed by the European Union and any other, the nature of which coincides with the objectives of the Association,
h. Promotion of achievements especially of Polish science and regional scientific institutions and creators of technology by organizing exchanges, conferences, competitions, etc.
(2) The Association will pursue any other objectives related to economic development allowed by the provisions of applicable law.

§ 7. 4. of the Statute: Rzeszow University of Technology (PRz) and Rzeszow Agency for Regional Development (RARR S.A.) are supporting members of the Association.

The main activities of the Association:



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Rzeszów, Poland
+48 697 602 608
NIP: 813-32-25-481; REGON: 691551265; KRS: 9411
Association HORIZONS, Langiewicza 29A street, Rzeszów, Poland
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